Property Tax

By: Christopher Wareing

The recently leaked so-called ‘Paradise Papers’ have exposed once again the way in which companies, HNWIs and their advisers can legally optimise their tax position.

Although the leak has created negative press it has also highlighted the challenges businesses and their advisers face in navigating a complex and ever-changing tax system in the UK, beset by pitfalls for the unwary and opportunities for the well-prepared.

Property tax issues appear very near the top of the list of financial issues for UK businesses and advisers. So many types of tax touch commercial and private property that it is not difficult to make a mistake, omit key information and thus expose businesses and clients to fines and reputational damage.

Tax Advisers comprises a team of tax experts who understand the issues and challenges facing businesses and accountants in improving their bottom line or offering a competitive service to clients.

We have extensive experience of property tax issues…

  • How each of the main taxes affects property transactions and management
  • The construction industry scheme, capital allowances and financing of property transactions
  • The hazards to watch out for when developing and executing transactions


…and answer questions on a wide range of areas…

  • Does a landlord have to pay CGT?
  • Which costs can be offset against rental income or other property income?
  • When and how can CGT relief on a private residence be applied?