Capital Gains Tax

By: Christopher Wareing


For HNWIs and company owners capital gains tax presents both pitfalls and opportunities. Careful planning is required if a client is to avoid paying more than they should. Are losses being used to offset gains correctly? Has private residence relief been applied correctly in the sale of a home? Have I applied the correct allowances and rates to my client’s situation? How does VAT interact with CGT?

It is critical to get the answers to these kinds of queries right, to help maintain and grow the long term relationships between you and your clients.

Tax Advisors frequently address questions relating to CGT . For example:

  • How much of the land held with a house can be sold tax-free?
  • What does recent case law have to say about what it takes to make a house a true “residence”?
  • Can CGT relief be claimed on a house used for business on which income tax allowances have been given?
  • How much time can be spent away from the home without losing CGT relief?
  • What are the implications of a divorce for CGT on the family home?

We provide clarity and answers to questions like these all the time: Tax Advisers can offer you the extra reassurance of getting a second opinion on a specific situation, the ability to check your thinking or stress test an option you are uncertain about. Call us now on